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Simple fast log entry written in HTML/Javascript by Petr, OK2CQR. Heavily inspired by FLE from Bernd, DF3CB. Unfortunately, the FLE works only on Windows and Linux using Wine, but I needed something working on macOS and/or Android tablet. I didn't need all the features, just wanted to log QSO from my WFF/SOTA/GMA activation.

The SFLE (Simple fast log entry) is a tool created by GDD (Google Driven Development) using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery (I'm a backend developer). Data is stored only in your browser. The website does not collect any data about you.

If you find any bug or have a suggestion on how to improve the website, please let me know at I get many emails every day, if you don't get a reply in a few days, don't hesitate to send your email again.

Source code is available on GitHub.



  • new: Custom report support - e.g. 5 7 means 559 as RST sent and 579 as RST received on CW or 55/57 on SSB, click to Load sample log button to see real examples


  • new: Showing QSO count below the table


  • new: dark mode (thanks to Andreas, LA8AJA)
  • new: saving data to local storage (thanks to Andreas, LA8AJA)
  • new: grid scrolls to last line after adding a new qso (thanks to Andreas, LA8AJA)
  • new: website should be responsive
  • fix: some design fixes (thanks to Andreas, LA8AJA)
  • fix: qso time loading


  • new: area with QSO data has monospace font
  • fix: callsign with slash was not recognized
  • fix: loading qso date from date field